Can Take Aways in Africa use Digital Technology to deliver a better service?

Customers want to be exposed to the latest technology with their eating experience, especially if it speeds up their meal or the time to pay.

Some Take Aways have moved in the digital direction but the majority are slow on the uptake.

Clients are interacting with the stores in the following ways:

  • Mobile Device menus – A variety of Applications linked to menus are available.


  • Online ordering systems-log in to websites, applications or Facebook to order.
  • Menus on line-a copy of the menu on a website.


  • Telephonic orders with SMS feedback on delivery times
  • Digital menu boards- This allows the chains to change menus more often, provide entertainment and interact with patrons while they wait.
  • See more at Show Off Display Systems


  • Loyalty Apps –Redeeming loyalty points when ordering on line or at store level


The growing worldwide trend is digital interaction and the African consumer is demanding to be on the cutting edge of technology.

The more flexible the organisation, the more responsive they are to clients wants and needs and the speed that they react to environmental conditions and opposition threats will decide their future and growth in this rapidly changing African digital market.